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This English-language site explores Lyon, with an occasional glimpse at other areas of France, and a special emphasis on personal experiences.

Greater Lyon is known as France’s 2nd city, yet it is surprisingly tourist-free in most neighborhoods. Known as an industrial center and food capital, it is a beautiful, UNESCO World Heritage site, home to 100,000 students, and over 1.7 million people.

Video Introduction to Lyon: Getting Around

As a group of extended-stay visitors, students, and English teachers who have spent time in Lyon, we hope you will enjoy your stay here and share comments on this site.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Notes on Lyon

  1. Hello
    Thanks a lot for the video, such a very good job you do. We saw all of them about Lyon, very interesting and welcoming! Tanks for offering to visitors this pleasant discovery of our town.
    Best regars,
    Cap Epices

  2. Dear CAP Epices:

    Thank you for your kind words!… and for helping us do a video about your wonderful spice shop!

    We are still working on this website and hope to have more videos, photos and articles posted soon.



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