Bangkok Royale and Les Chats Siamois (1st arr)

Close to home for us in the 1st arrondissement are two tasty Thai restaurants that we have sampled. Bangkok Royale: , at 40 rue de Sgt Blandon, offers a two-course lunch that is features exotic tastes and a good value. We enjoyed the vibrant Thai salad first course and flavorful curry plat. Rue du Sergent Blandan, 69001 LyonTel: 04 78 28 19 83 The other tasty Thai is Les Chats Siamois, located near the Rhône and the Opera House. Here they encourage you to “partager” (share) dishes to enjoy the maximum “goûts” (tastes) of their fresh and flavorful cuisine. 4 Petite rue des Feuillants, 69001 Lyon Tel: 04 78 39 34 72

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