Courtney Spring – Field Producer

Courtney Spring - a NotesOnFrance Field Producer

Courtney Spring

Courtney Spring is an American expat who teaches English and studies French in Lyon. She grew up in Lafayette, a college town in Louisiana’s Cajun country.

Courtney is a graduate of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and currently attends Université Lyon 2. In her year in Lyon, she has become the go-to person for where to buy the best patisserie and baguettes. She resides on the hillside leading up to Croix-Rousse (les pentes de la Croix-Rousse) where she enjoys a birds-eye view of Lyon. Her video interviews take us to Le Grebiche for patisserie and Boulanger des Chartreux for bread.

Courtney Spring interviews staff at Boulanger des Chartreux de Lyon

Courtney Spring interviews Dimitri at Boulanger des Chartreux de Lyon

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