Les Ventres Jaunes (5th arr)

Vieux Lyon is the city’s tourist center and a don’t-miss destination if your time is limited in Lyon. It is a lovely and fun place to visit, with a wide selection of bars, cafés, and restaurants that feature eclectic, ethnic fare as well as classic French cuisine in a range of prices. Of the handful we have sampled, Les Ventres Jaunes, at 2, Place Neuve, is a favorite.

Influenced by nearby Bresse (known for its poulet-chicken) in both its charming décor and menu, this is where we have gone with out-of-town visitors. Unlike Lyon’s quaint bouchons that celebrate foods I usually avoid, such as tripe and other organ meats, Les Ventres Jaunes is less intense. Here you can find Lyon’s traditional meats and quenelles as well as other area classics including salad Lyonnaise with its poached egg and lardons, escargots and some favorites from nearby Burgundy, and a Bresse classic, poulet à la crème.
2, Place Neuve, Lyon
Tel: 04 78 42 16 49

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