Tourism, Transit, & Vélo’vs

Click on the UK flag, available on many French tourism-related websites, to access an English version of the site.

Map of Lyon

The Tourist Information website and the TI office (located on Place Bellecour on the Presqu’île) have abundant information about Lyon in a variety of languages. This is a good first stop when planning a visit or arriving in Lyon.

Lyon’s public transport website gives complete information, in English, about the city’s outstanding system of subway, bus, and tram lines. Use the route finder (see the red boxes on the TCL home page) to calculate a route and its duration between beginning and end points. Purchase tickets at Metro and Tram stops or TCL ticket offices. A packet (carnet) of 10 tickets reduces the per-ticket price. There are also savings with two-hour, all-day, all-evening, and group tickets, and monthly plans. Tickets must be stamped as you board the bus or tram (or enter the Metro station) and held until you exit the station.

Vélo’v is Lyon’s popular, public bicycle system. The sturdy Vélo’v bikes have pedal-powered headlights and front baskets. Riders check out a bike using the automated system and then return it to any of the city’s bike stations. The first half hour is free, the next hour costs a euro and additional hours cost 2 euros/hour. If you have a European bankcard you can take advantage of the Vélo’vs. American bankcards and credit cards lack the necessary smart card chip and do not work — if anyone has figured out how to overcome this, without opening a European bank account, please let us know.

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