When we visit the Lauragais—the rolling countryside of sunflowers and vistas west of Toulouse—the charming town ofSaint–Félix–Lauragais and specifically the Sybella Mode & Accessoires boutique top my list of places to return to every year.

The hilltop village of Saint-Felix has a covered market in the medieval central square surrounded by lovely, half-timbered buildings and sprawling views of […]

2012 – Paris
Call me crazy, but I went with an Orange Mobicarte because I was told the it is the only pay-as-you-go micro-SIM available for an iPhone. (Getting my iPhone unlocked by AT&T is another horror story waiting to be told – luckily for all of us there is an FCC). Needless to say, service […]

Look for the smallest ancient building tucked between quai des Célestins and rue Saint- Antoine in the Marais and discover our neighborhood café, Le Temps des Cerises on the rue de la Cerisaie. In June 2011, we arrived in Paris with suitcases and camera bags and headed for the metro stop Bastille, a direct route […]

January 2013: Oh, no! Zoot alors! Sylvie and Jean-Marie have sold the restaurant! Quelle dommage! We will have to wait until out next trip to France to see if someone good has taken over the new Petit. Otherwise, if Sylvie and Jean-Marie open another place in Paris, or elsewhere in France, we will let you […]

A quick look at some of the sights and events from our trip to France in 2011…
We visited Paris, the Lauragais near Toulouse, Lyon, the Jura, Provence, and Collioure near the border with Spain. In Provence, we rented a house right in the center of a small village, Cucuron, for two weeks… a wonderful spot […]

Why can’t we have more of this? Can you imagine going into battle to protect our “wind” interests?

Less than 35 minutes from Toulouse by car is a beautiful region of France known as the Lauragais. As you drive its country roads, you pass through waving fields of wheat and colza.
In the small hilltop village of St Julia de Gras Capou is an Auberge with an excellent lunch.
A new venture, this good resto […]

We have discovered a fabulous charcuterie-traiteur where one can buy the most sumptuous prepared foods available in Paris! This is one of the benefits of renting an apartment instead of staying at a hotel i Paris: you have a kitchen and space to have meals. This not only can save expense, but often allows a […]

We stumbled upon this resto-café near the Eiffel Tower. After over-paying for a few lunches in the tony neighborhood of the Marais, it was great to find traditional home cooking at a very affordable price.
The resto is small, so it’s a good idea to get there a bit early. We sat at 12:15PM, and within […]

We took the TGV from Paris (Montparnasse) to Toulouse to visit close friends. After a hectic few days in the “big city”, it is great to get to the countryside. Our friends live about 20 minutes south east of Toulouse in an area called The Lauragais.
The Lauragais includes part of the Canal Midi, and on […]