We’ve been coming to the Vaucluse for a few years, and have decided to rent a house in the small village of Cucuron. For those of you who have seen “A Good Year” with Russell Crowe, you may remember the scene where a movie is being shown at night in the center of town, above […]

Canuts were the silk weavers of Lyon. And they are famous for several work-related things: making beautiful silk cloth, embracing the Jacquard loom–a precursor to computer technology, and organizing the first worker’s revolt of the industrial revolution. In addition, they actually owned the means of production, working and living in lofts with soaring ceilings that accommodated their own Jacquard looms.
The Maison des Canuts tells the Canut story from Croix-Rousse, the hilltop that was populated by the Canuts and their looms. (continue)

The Sunday food market in Lyon’s hilltop village, the Croix-Rousse provides the ingredients for an improvised Sunday dinner that includes poached fish, a tri-color vegetable terrine, and chestnut mousse. (continue)

It is said that Lyon has more restaurants per capita than any other city in France. Spend a few days in Lyon and you will have to agree. There are restaurants for most budgets and for many tastes, especially at lunch.   (continue)

Some restaurants we have enjoyed at lunchtime are listed here. All are located in the 1st, 4th, or 5th arrondissements. This list is a random drop in the pool of wonderful restaurants that you can dip into here in France’s food capital.  (continue)

On the way to French class, at Lyon’s École interculturelle de français pour étrangers near Croix Pacquet, I like to leave the sidewalk and follow the sheltered passages, courtyards, and stairways of the area’s traboules. These varied, old pedestrian walkways make Lyon’s historic neighborhoods personal and a little mysterious while providing quirky shortcuts and surprising vistas.  (continue)

Lyon, like Manhattan, has two major rivers on either side of its “downtown.” See this video about the rivers of Lyon, as reported by Logan Connors. And read on, below the video, about the two rivers that define Lyon. Go to video and article.

Des Galets bleus la nuit, a small restaurant in Croix-Rousse area of Lyon has only two or three, beautifully prepared main dishes on a menu that changes each day. (continue)

… we want to see life unfold before the camera and capture it. (continue)

The local wine back in New Jersey (where we come from…) can be a valiant effort, but it will never match the quality and success of the local Jersey tomatoes. France, of course, is a different story. French wine has a level of quality and variety throughout the country that makes exploring local vineyards a fun experience.  (continue)