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NotesOnFrance Video Crew

NotesOnFrance at Le Gribiche

We try to follow many of the ideas first developed by French and American filmmakers: a cinéma verité style of shooting video. Unless we’re specifically doing an interview with a subject, we “shoot from the hip” and try not to influence what we’re shooting. We use a small crew, minimal equipment, and we usually shoot hand-held without a tripod. This method gives us the flexibility to respond quickly to people and events.

Rather than imposing a preconceived style, we want to see life unfold before the camera and capture it. In fact, shooting is the wrong word to describe what we’re try to do; rather, it’s more like fishing, trying to find the exact moments, actions and images that can tell the story, and tease them out of reality and into the camera. That’s our goal, but like anything else, as T.S. Eliot said, “Between the idea and the reality, between the motion and the act, falls the shadow…”

Logan Connors – Field Producer

Logan Connors - NotesOnFrance Field Producer

Logan Connors - NotesOnFrance Field Producer

Logan Connors is an American who has lived in France as a student and teacher. A resident of Lyon, he returns to the States in Fall 2010, to join the faculty of Bucknell University.

During his years in Lyon, he has enjoyed living along the river, most recently overlooking the Saône in the 5th arrondissement. He shares his thoughts on how the rivers enrich life in Lyon in this brief video. Lyon’s Two Rivers. Continue reading

Don Connors – Video Producer & Photographer

Don Connors, video producer and photographer, is rarely seen without a camera. His fine art photographs provide an appealing and often unique appreciation of France. His video of Lyon and other parts of France help NOF capture the experiences that words alone fail to communicate. Don has been dividing his time between Princeton, NJ and Lyon and wants to spend more time in France. He is a fine art photographer as well as a film and video producer. He fell in love with France while working on movies for French TV.

Courtney Spring – Field Producer

Courtney Spring - a NotesOnFrance Field Producer

Courtney Spring

Courtney Spring is an American expat who teaches English and studies French in Lyon. She grew up in Lafayette, a college town in Louisiana’s Cajun country.

Courtney is a graduate of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and currently attends Université Lyon 2. In her year in Lyon, she has become the go-to person for where to buy the best patisserie and baguettes. She resides on the hillside leading up to Croix-Rousse (les pentes de la Croix-Rousse) where she enjoys a birds-eye view of Lyon. Her video interviews take us to Le Grebiche for patisserie and Boulanger des Chartreux for bread.

Courtney Spring interviews staff at Boulanger des Chartreux de Lyon

Courtney Spring interviews Dimitri at Boulanger des Chartreux de Lyon

Alison Connors – Writer

Alison Connors - EditorAlison Connors is a writer and editor who recently has had the pleasure of dividing her time between Princeton, NJ, and Lyon. She creates and manages marketing campaigns for freelance clients and has worked as global marketing manager for an international consultancy. Her favorite responsibility at NOF is eating lunch and then writing about it. She understands French a lot better than she can speak it or write it — but she is improving.