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Dejeuner in Lyon Part I: Affordable Dining
We prefer restaurants and cafés that have small menus that change daily and feature seasonal, fresh ingredients.
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dejeunerDejeuner in Lyon Part II: Some Restos We Love
Tourists in France quickly learn that many places close down for a good long lunch. Take advantage of the break in Lyon with a relaxing meal in one of the hundreds of restaurants found throughout the city. Our favorites for lunch.

Video: In Search of the Best Baguette
Visit a boulangerie with wonderful baguettes and other baked goods that also has seating where customers can enjoy a treat with a cup of coffee … go to video

Le Gribiche PatisserieVideo: Favorite Patisseries
After sampling patisseries around Lyon, Courtney finds a favorite in the 3rd arronidissement where everything is divine … go to video