Paris – Merguez Américain

Home cooking is one of the pleasures of staying in a place for an extended time. We visit various markets and shops to find the great ingredients often difficult to find or non-existent at home. We found some delicious Merguez sausage at a boucher at the market at Bastille. the market is on Thursdays and Sundays from 8am to 12pm.


Merguez is a spicy lamb and beef sausage from North Africa. Below is our take on preparing Merguez, with pommes de terre and haricots verts instead of the usual couscous.


Bon appétit !!!

Le Petit Célestin Resto in Paris

January 2013: Oh, no! Zoot alors! Sylvie and Jean-Marie have sold the restaurant! Quelle dommage! We will have to wait until out next trip to France to see if someone good has taken over the new Petit. Otherwise, if Sylvie and Jean-Marie open another place in Paris, or elsewhere in France, we will let you know. Here is the review we wrote in the Fall-Winter of 2012:

Le Petit Celestin is a warm, friendly, red-checked tablecloth place that does not list the menu in English or serve as a tourist outpost in Paris.

Petit CelestinP1000556

Yet this small restaurant on the edge of the Marais welcomes everyone with a relaxed atmosphere and a selection of delicious, traditional offerings on its blackboard menu.

Petit Celestin DSC2036


Host Sylvie is vivacious, funny and friendly and speaks English so she can explain the menu to English speakers without French language skills. She is sensitive to varying perceptions of “medium rare” and “à point” for meat dishes, and is helpful with recommendations. Her cheerful warmth sets the tone for a fun and relaxed evening.

Petit Celestin DSC2033


We have visited Le Petit Célestin with groups as small as four and as large as 10. The prices are truly reasonable with most plats (main dish) in the mid-teens and most entrées (starters) less. There is always a cut of steak (pave or entrecote) duck (magret) and slightly more exotic veals—foie, rognons, or riz—which are mild but savory. Plus you will find shrimp or fish. The main course is served with a supporting starch and vegetable.

Our favorite starter is moules farci (mussels broiled in the half shell with garlicky breading.) A small hors d’ouevre appears while you discuss the menu choices and share an aperitif. Desserts are traditional and worth the calories. The wine selection is affordable and appropriate for the cuisine.

A summer treat…salade de gésiers from Perigord.

Petit Celestin MG 5937


The new “team” as of 2012: Sylvie, Cédric and Jean-Marie. Sylvie and Jean-Marie are your hosts… Sylvie speaks English, as well as French, and is jovial and helpful…and Cédric provides attentive and quick service.

Petit Celestin DSC2043


As you’ve guessed, this is one of our favorite local restos – traditional cuisine, great atmosphere, and reasonable prices, especially for the Marais. Just a few short blocks from the Sully-Morland Metro stop (Line 7) on Quai des Célestins.

12, Quai des Célestins, 75004 Paris     Tel: +33 (0)1 42 72 20 81